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HCS Equipment has partnered with clicklease to provide your business with quality commercial food service equipment for a low monthly payment. With clicklease financing is quick and easy, getting you the equipment you need now. Our 100% online application doesn’t require trips to the bank or the submission of additional documents. Applications take less than five minutes and buy your equipment that same day.

Get an instant credit approval today.

Instant Credit Approvals from $500-$15,000


Why choose us for financing?

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    Affordable, Fixed Monthly Payments

    Clear, pre-determined monthly payments and terms so you can easily manage your finances.

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    No Impact on your Credit Score

    We conduct a “Soft Pull” of your credit, so no inquiry will appear on your credit history.

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    Minimal Upfront Cost

    Our leasing program has a fixed, one-time initial documentation fee and doesn’t require any advanced payments.

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    Get the Best Products for Your Business Needs

    Get the products you need when you need them most.

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    Fast Approval Process

    Apply online anytime and receive a decision within seconds.

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    Tax Benefits

    Your lease payments may be fully tax-deductible as a business expense.

More Information

  • Available 24/7 so you can apply whenever it’s convenient for you and it will only take three minutes of your time.
  • Once approved, you’ll have the option to select the term that best fits your budget and, if approved for more than you request, our calculator makes it easy to see how your payments change for any additional items you decide to add to your lease.
  • eDocs are available immediately, allowing you to order your new gear within minutes.
  • Have additional questions? Contact Us