Founded in 1958, with its product brands, broncolor and kobold, has developed over the past half-century into a “global player” in the international market for professional lighting systems.

Broncolor is committed to providing the most attractive and flexible financing programs for your camera and lighting equipment needs.

Whether you are a photographer, free-lancer, rental house or studio, our lease/financing options can quickly and easily help you acquire the equipment you need without tying up your valuable capital.  Additional benefits of our lease financing programs include:

  • Low monthly payments
  • Fixed rate financing
  • Flexible upgrade options

For instant credit approvals
from $500 to $15,000

for “A” to “G” level credits, click HERE to apply with clicklease

  • There’s no cost to apply and clicklease only does a “Soft Pull” on your credit (no inquiry will show)
  • Once approved, you’ll have the option to select the term that best fits your budget and if approved for more than you requested, there’s a calculator allowing you to see the new payments for the additional items you add to the lease
  • E-docs are immediately available allowing you to order / walk out of the store with your new gear within minutes

For financing needs
over $15,000

click HERE to apply with Amur Equipment Finance

  • Application only financing available up to $100,000.  Additional bank statements, proof of time in business, etc. may be required depending on overall credit strength.
  • Ballpark  payments are provided prior to applying, exact numbers will be provided after the approval.
  • A “Hard Pull” will be done on your personal credit and the inquiry will appear
  • All contracts are “Lease to Own” and you have the option of buying out of the contract early after 12 months.
  • PDF documents will be emailed and Purchase Order issued once scanned copies are received.

Whether you are expanding your photography equipment or upgrading your cameras, our experienced financing consultants can tailor a leasing program to meet your needs

For more information on these programs email or call Scott Hamburg, at 917.825.9626.