Investing in entrepreneurs and their main street businesses!

ClickLease’s financing solutions use state-of-the-art technology to deliver instant $500—$15,000 approvals and funding for business owners when they need it—at the point-of-sale.

Equipment vendors move more inventory, business owners save time and preserve their liquidity, and equipment finance companies close more deals thanks to clicklease’s robust, tech-driven solution.

Equipment Vendors

Strategic Partners

Solutions that exceed expectations.


Put equipment in the hands of small business owners so they can grow their businesses.


Increase sales for equipment vendors while simplifying the financing process.


Implement technology solutions to expand finance companies’ portfolios.

Our best-in-class solution was developed to provide capital to the underserved Microticket market. With a keen focus on small businesses with little to no business credit, our underwriting algorithms efficiently and painlessly deliver instant credit decisions, electronic documents and instant funding to a broad range of businesses previously overlooked.


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Restaurants & Food Service · Salons · Light Manufacturing · Printing Services
Cleaning Services · Landscaping · Auto Repair · Fitness & Health