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For all of your concrete and asphalt cutting, coring, grinding for coatings(prep) and polishing equipment and tooling. We carry a wide variety of brands of equipment and for many different machines and tooling plates which are including but not limited to ASL Machines, HEPA vacs, Hitachi, Metabo, Husqvarna, HTC, Lavina, Edco, Syntec, Werkmaster, Terrcco, HTC Ez-change, Makita, Diamond Products, Dr. Schultze, Weka, Makinex, MPC Epoxy and epoxy products, EZ Polish sysytem and consumables, Metalic colors, metallic liquid pigments, crack filler, grout, stain, Ameripolish products, Flex, RGC, ACS, and many many more. Call 970-424-8436 directly to get the link texted or emailed to you.

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