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Blue Line Pressure Washing has partnered with Clicklease to provide industry-leading soft washing wands, manifolds, skids, and trailers equipment for a low monthly payment customized to fit your budget.

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$549.00 Softwash Blend Manifolds allow you to set the strength of your mix on the fly. No need to batch mix and you can switch from a House Wash Mix to a Roof Wash Mix with the turn of the dials. Units will be built as they are ordered and shipping will vary as to how soon we can get parts to make them. Generally two weeks. The unit will vary from new units that are built as new units will have be built with all Schedule 80 PVC fittings and GF Mixing Valves. Units will ship with a tube of thread sealant as the hose barb fittings will be left loose so you can set them in the direction needed for your particular setup. We recommend you take advantage of the ability to turn of your Surfactant Line and Bleach Line at the end of the job and flush your pump with straight water! This will help your pump last much longer. Softwash Manifold quantity 1 Add to cart $16 Category: Blend Manifolds Tags: Blend Manifold, Softwash Manifold, Softwash Valves Description Additional information Reviews (0)

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